December 1982

With a superb 7:59:58 for 100 kilometers at Chicago, Sandra Kiddy not only set a new American record, she also beat all but 3 of the men in the race. Right behind her in the results were none other than Stu Mittleman and Park Barn.

November 1982

A lone ultrarunner, the hills stretched out in front of him, in Hawaii's Haleakala Run To The Sun.

October 1982

John Cossick, winner of the Chad Ogden Memorial 45 Mile held earlier this summer in Kodiak, Alaska, in conjunction with their King Crab festival.

September 1982

Don Choi on Day 4 at the Weston 6-Day in late June, the fifth 6-day he's run. Although blisters kept him from doing his best here, he bounced back to run 446 miles just one month later in San Diego to win the New Astley Belt 6-Day.

July / August 1982

Jim Howard, en route to his uphill victory at the American River 50 . He was hoping to break his downhill record (5:32) on the uphill course, but had to settle for a 5:55, still 22 minutes ahead of second place Charlie Hoover.

June 1982

Like fine wine, Bob Bruce improves with age. Last year, when he was 59, he ran a little over a 100 miles to finish third at Springfield's 24 hour run. This year, at 60, he accumulated the excellent total of 113 miles, good enough for second.

May 1982

Fifty-one year old E.R. Silver of San Jose, shown wearing one of the original mesh racing shirts, led all masters at the competitive Jedediah Smith 50.

April 1982

Words cannot adequately express the disappointment felt by Frank Bozanich and John Coffey as a check of their watches shows they won't have time to slog through the mud to the next checkpoint before the Mudder Fell's time limit expires.

March 1982

The runners at the upcoming American River 50 in California won't have this hill to contend with, as this year the race will be run in the opposite direction. But there will be others, providing more than enough compensation!

January / February 1982

It was John L. Sullivan versus a 28 lap course at the TAC 50 Mile Championship in Buffalo, N.Y. Sullivan, 47, emerged with a 5:42:19, good for fourth place overall.