December 1985

Chuck Smith at the Firetrails 50 Mile on the Skyline Trail east of San Francisco Bay. In the background is San Pablo Reservoir. (Photo : Stan Wagon)

November 1985

The finish of the Spartathlon in Sparta, Greece, where runners have to to uch the statue of King Leonidas. Britain's John McCarthy (one of the original three to run the course in 1982) is greeted by the Mayor of Sparta and his assistants. McCarthy finshed 20th in 34:14.

October 1985

Jim Jones, 8th place finisher at the Escarpment "Trail" Run, on a downhill towards the end of the race. (Photo: Fred Pilon)

September 1985

David Horton cools off in Passage Creek, 76 miles into the Old Dominion 100. Photo:Kathy Ruser

July / August 1985

Marv Skagerberg' veteran of many ultras' is in the longest race of his life - across the U.S. racing Englishman Malcolm Campbell. Time to bring out the racing pajamas. (Photo: Nick Marshall)

June 1985

It's not quite the Sierras, but Jerry Stage's 9:50 at Lake Waramaug qualified him (if just barely) for Western States. (Photo: Stan Wagon)

May 1985

Brooklyn's Howie Poupko was one of the many Prospect Park Track Club stalwarts to turn out for a twelve-hour run on a cold and drizzly March afternoon. (Photo:Stan Wagon)

April 1985

Sporting some new whiskers' Steve Warshawer was in top form at the Birmingham Track Club 50 Mile. The course consists of 6 loops through Alabama's scenic Oa k Mountain State Park. (Photo: Warren Reed)

March 1985

Scenes from the Volcano Wilderness Marathon. Near mile 2 a series of steam vents envelope the runners; the aid station at mile 9 is well into the Ka'u Desert. The huge (and, honestly, rather uninspiring) Mauna Loa rises to 13,000 feet in the background, 10, 000 feet above the desert, (Photos: Boone Morrison)

January / February 1985

Kay Moore wrapped up a fine year with 122 miles at the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour in November. After the race, she shows her pleasure, her award, and a basket of fruit.