December 1986

The heavy rains over, Sam Gutterman checks out the damage before returning to the AMJA race. (Photo: Peter Gagarin)

November 1986

A lone runner heads down from Cloudburst Summit, 35 miles into the Angeles Crest 100. Nine miles of gentle downhill on a beautiful trail lie directly ahead. (Photo: Walter Goodridge)

October 1986

Chuck Jones heads down towards the 37-mile Twin Lakes aid station at the Leadville Trail 100 (yes, there is a trail there!). Jones's remarkable performances in 1986 have included wins at the American River 50 and the Western States 100 and second place at Leadville. (Photo: Miles Schuman)

September 1986

Doug Lietzke (left) and Charlie Hesse both looked fine after 28 miles on the Old Dominion 100 mile course, but only one finished. (Photo: V. A. Provenzano)

July / August 1986

Tim Middleton of Anchorage (shown on cover) passed Frank Bozanich in the last few miles to win Alaska's Chad Ogden Memorial Ultramarathon. (Photo: Ian Fulp)

June 1986

Kathy D'Onofrio heads onto a dirt road 12 miles into the California Forty-Niner Double Marathon. But first there was a closed gate to deal with. (Photo: Stan Wagon)

May 1986

Pioneering ultrarunner Ruth Anderson leads Bruce von Borstel and Hazel Phillips around the track at the Redwood Empire 24 Hour Run. Anderson went 110 miles and set 5 single age records along the way. (Photo: Mark Miller)

April 1986

Mary Hanudel circles the indoor track at the Multiplex 24-Hour in Chicago on her way to 116 miles. (Photo: Fred Pilon)

March 1986

On the cover: Troy Navarro was hurting here with one 5K lap around Green Lake in Seattle, but he hung on and held off Frank Bozanich's pursuit, showing that not all the hot-shots in ultrarunning are old. Navarro's time for the 50K at A Winter Run was 3:16:52. (Photo: Stan Wagon)

January / February 1986

Women's winner Abbie Rockwell coming down out of the mountains at Southern California's San Juan Trail 50 Mile. (Photo: Joan Hutchinson)