December 1987

On the Cover: Jorge Paz, Jr., keeps his eye on the footing and not the views as he works his way along the Mt. Tom section of the M&M Mountain Marathon. (Photo: Stan Wagon)

November 1987

Julia Hart not too far from the finish of the Mule Run Ultra. Nothing like coming down Mule Mountain to put you in a good mood. (Photo: Steve Cunningham)

October 1987

Randi Bromka is shadowed by an NBC cameraman on the descent to Twin Lakes on the Leadville 100 Mile course. As far as we know, the cameraman didn't go the full hundred miles. (Photo: Beth Schneider)

September 1987

Running Western States may be a lot of fun, but the best part is crossing the finish line, as evidenced by Tom Crawford's exuberance after over 29 hours on the trail. (Photo: Rick Meyers)

July / August 1987

The dirt roads winding through the mercury-mining country near San Jose provided the route of the Quicksilver 50 Km and 50 Mile. (Photo: Gene Cohn)

June 1987

The Massanutten Mountain Massacre claims to be "Fifty of the East's Toughest Miles." Well, forty-nine at least, since the last mile is paved. Here Wes Kessenich head for the finish, a victory, and a course record. (Photo: V.A. Provenzano)

May 1987

Nancy Crawford (lane 1) and Terry Seyfarth (lane 2) were the top two women at the Redwood Empire 24-Hour. Crawford's winning distance was a stellar 116 miles and 1499 yards. (Photo: Mark Miller)

April 1987

Head down; one foot in front of the other. That'll get you though a 50-mile trail run, as these three PCT 50 racers, led by Joel Wohlfeil, demonstrate. (Photo: Mark Kariya)

March 1987

Canadian Wally Herman is a prolific ultramarathoner, having raced in Panama, Baffin Island, and lots of places in between. He's shown here during a pit stop at November's JFK 50 Mile. (Photo: Fred Pilon)

January / February 1987

Charlie Trayer was the first to reach Atlantic City's Boardwalk, again. (Photo: Michael Baytoff)