December 1988

Rae Clark on his way to U. S. 100-Km Championship at the Edmund Fitzgerald Ultras in Minnesota. His time of 6:56:43 was his fastest ever for 100 km. (Photo: Scott Schneider)

November 1988

Herb Tanimoto on one of the many downhills at the Wasatch Front 100 Mile. Last year he completed the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning at this event. (Photo: Janet Reffert, HotShots)

October 1988

Montana’s Rick Spady (front) and New Mexico’s Steve Warshawer, ascending 12,600' Hope Pass on the way out, took the measure of both Coloradans and Californians at Leadville. (Photo: Stan Wagon)

September 1988

Barbara Alvarez cruises along the high country at the Western States 100 en route to a 22:04:15 finish, good for sixth place among the women. A native of Austria, Alvarez currently resides in San Diego. (Photo courtesy Norm Frank)

July 1988

Jim Pearson, 43, of Femdale, Wash., rounds a comer on the bike path enroute to a second-place finish at the TAC National Masters Championship in Columbus, Ohio. Pearson was one of the country’s best 50-milers in the late 1970s with a PR of 5:12. (Photo: Mark Kariya)

June 1988

Jussi Hamalainen continued his string of ultra victories with an impressive win at California's Pine Mountain Trail Race. (Photo courtesy Susan Brannon)

May 1988

Paula Patee (right, with eyes closed) guides blind ultrarunner Mary Edwards at the Greater Oregon Health Service Ultra 50 km race in Grants Pass, Oregon. (Photo courtesy Rene Casteran)

April 1988

Second-place finisher at the Avalon 50 Mile, Gene Joseph stretches it out on one of the course’s long downhills. (Photo: Steve Cunningham (59th place))

March 1988

The Pensacola 48 Hour has just ended; winner Doyle Carpenter (#7) gets congratulated by Ray Krolewicz (#5), race director Gary Buffington, and Sheldon Skirten (#24). Carpenter hung tough to the end and ran the race of his life. (Photo: Bruce Graner/News Journal)