December 1989

A man in a hurry — Jim O’Brien on his way to breaking the Angeles Crest 100 Mile course record by two hours. (Photo: Stan Wagon)

November 1989

Ann Trason (first overall) and Tom Possert (third) fight it out at the TAC 24 Hour Championship in New York's Flushing Meadow. (Photo: Adarini)

October 1989

Bob Manson (front) and Roger Dupey at the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra. Heavy rain added to the challenge of the hilly course. (Photo: Barb Van Skike)

September 1989

Ray Scannell, 6th place at Western States and the first Easterner. (Photo: Richard Myers)

July / August 1989

Mary Weiter on her way to victory at the Doc Holliday 35 Mile Trail Run in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. (Photo: Janet Reffert)

June 1989

Richard Schick (left) and David Horton on first day of the Trans-Virginia Stage Run (does Horton empty his water bottle every time he looks at his watch?).

May 1989

Helen Klein at the California State University Sacramento — Fleet Feet 24 Hour Run. Klein, 66, covered 98 miles in 24 hours to set a world 65-69 record. (Photo: Karen Coe)

April 1989

Laura Knebel finishing third at the Pacific Crest Trail 50 Mile. Last year this popular Southern California ultra was hit by heavy rain; this year it was dry, but very cold. (Photo: John Loeschhom)

March 1989

Dan Lipperman, 41, of Duncanville, Texas, on the way to a 7:36:38 for 50 miles, good for 35th place at the Jackson Five-O in Dallas. (Photo: Skeeter Hagler)

January / February 1989

Jean Spirlock and Herbert Nelson at the Lakeside Endurance Run in Central California. Spirlock was the first woman in the 51.4-mile race with a time of 9:16:02. (Photo: Patricia Mireles)