December 1992

Mark Totman approaching the 40-mile point of Le Grizz Ultra, a 50-miler in Montana that celebrated its eleventh anniversary this year under the capable leadership of Race Director Pat Caffrey. Totman finished eleventh in 7:31:20. Photo: Jeff Spady

November 1992

Mark Switala of Milford, Michigan, descends a particularly rocky section near the 20-mile mark of the Superior Trail 100. Switala finished 31st in a little over 32 hours. Photo: Tim Holmquist

October 1992

The view from Virginius Pass at mile 29 of the Hardrock 100 in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado give an indication of the up-and-down nature of the course. A report on the event was in the last issue. Photo: Donna Allenbaugh

September 1992

Western States 100 Mile winner Tim Twietmeyer from Auburn, California showed the value of perseverance — he’d had numerous top-ten finishes at WS in previous years. Photo: Jane Byng/Ultra Photos

July / August 1992

Tony Rossmann dealing with some minor debris at the Nugget 50 Mile; apparently he’s holding a fallen tree steady as he prepares to vault over it. Photo: Suzi Thibeault

June 1992

Many ultrarunners use running to help raise money and awareness for their favorite charity — in this case it’s Herb Hedgecock (left), along with Bill Mains, one of his pacers, on Rt. 801 in the hills of Rowan County, Kentucky. Hedgecock did 80 miles in about 14 hours to raise money in support of Christian Social Services in Moorehead, Kentucky. Photo: Eric Shindelbower

May 1992

"If it's the weekend, it must be time for an ultra," could be the motto for Egor Egan of Nova Scotia, who seems to average at least a couple of ultras a month. Here he is shown finishing the Sri Chinmoy 50 Mile in Queens, N.Y. Photo: Pulak/Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

April 1992

With his beard carrying a heavy layer of frost, Tom Sobal enjoys his wintertime passion — snowshoe racing, here at the Beargrease Marathon, which he won in 2:59. Photo: Barb Van Skike

March 1992

Robert Perez, 43, of Corpus Christi, Texas, taught the youngsters a lesson in pacing at the TAC 100 Km National Championships at the Jackson Five-O in Dallas, as his 7:23:49 in horrible weather conditions was the fastest of the day. Photo: Skeeter Hagler

January / February 1992

Ray Nicoll of Bellevue, Wash., crossing No Hands Bridge during the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run in October. The bridge, just outside of Auburn, Calif., and crossed by many an ultrarunner in the dark, is a well-known landmark just before the finish of the Western States 100. Photo: Jane Byng