December 1993

Clutching the remains of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Odin Christensen from Aurora, Colorado, heads off on the next section of the Superior Trail 100 Mile; he finished eighth in 23:31:47. Photo: Cecelia Kascak

November 1993

Gary Miller starts the long 4,000-foot descent to Manker Flats at Southern California’s Baldy Peaks 50 Km. Photo: Bill Mack

October 1993

Victoriano Churro (#382) and Cerrildo Chacarito were well back in the pack in the early going at Leadville, but they never slowed down on their way to first and second place finishes, respectively. Photo:TyDunham/TdlSPhotography

September 1993

Kathy D'Onofrio-Wood at the Nugget 50 Mile, where she was first woman and second overall. Five weeks later she was second woman and 13th overall at Western States. Photo: Teri Henderson/Photogenix

July / August 1993

Scott Modzelewski, accompanied for the final sprint by his son, Lance, wins the Sedona-Pinewoods 50 Mile. Photo: Sedona Red Rock News

June 1993

Near the Candy Store turnaround at the San Juan Trail 50 Km, Mark Marcelli and Gabriel Flores pursue the lead pack; going the other way, Maureen McGrath and Teresa Krall chase the first woman. Photo: Bill Mack

May 1993

Michael Danese of Cupertino, California, plows through a stream at the Cool Canyon Crawl 50 Km; Danese ended up 38th out of 309 finishers. Photo: Teri HendersonIPhotogenix

April 1993

It was a slow time, relatively speaking, for international 100-km star Valmir Nunes of Brazil, but his 6:45:38 on a cold February day in New York was still the class of the field at the New York/Ultimax 100 Km. Photo: Fred Pilon

March 1993

Two of the record setters at the Gibson Ranch Multi-Day Classic — Helen Klein (left), who set an age 70-74 record (and a PR!) for six days of 373 miles, and Jim Drake, whose 213 miles was an age 50-54 record for 48 hours. Photo: Jane Byng