December 1997

Sherry Kae Johns on Mt. Baden-Powell as she heads for a sub-24 hour finish and the women’s win. Photo by: Lee Freeman

November 1997

Time for restocking and refueling at the Lambs Canyon aid station in the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run. Photo by: Robert Koepper

October 1997

Beautiful to look at, but tough to run through, Death Valley continues to lure the adventurous ultrarunner. Photo by: Jay Farbman

September 1997

Mike Morton storms into Michigan Bluff and the record books with his new course record of 15:40:41 at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Photo by: Ed Condit

July / August 1997

Stefan Fekner glides quietly past the roaring water at the Harriers Elk/Beaver Ultras Canadian National 100 Km Championships. Photo by: Mike Boissonneault

June 1997

He may be dressed like the court jester, but Eric Clifton’s course record 6:39:00 at the Bull Run Run proved he wasn’t just fooling around. Photo by: Jeanne Christie

May 1997

Tom Neilsen leads Brandon Sybrowsky at the San Juan Trail 50 Km. Photo by: Bob Carpenter

April 1997

Jennifer Devine was first woman in the Jed Smith 50 Km. Photo by: Abe Underwood

March 1997

Ben Hian capturing the win and course record at the tape of the Avalon 50 Mile. Photo by: Don Feinstein

January / February 1997

Mark Marcelli winds through the brush at the Pacific Crest Trail 50 Mile. Photo by: Dan Cain