December 1999

John Mark glides along at the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run in California. Photo by Facchino Photography

November 1999

Yiannis Kouros at the USAT&F 24-Hour National Championships (Olander 24 Hour) where he set a U.S. all-comers 24-hour road best of 167 miles, 781 yards. Photo by Watery Hill Images

October 1999

Kelly Rogers crosses on the Swinging Bridge at the Minnesota Voyageur Ultra in Minnesota. Photo by Sue Morgan

September 1999

Courtney Campbell climbs out of the Blue Loop at the Mohican Trail 100 Mile on his way to a new course-record 15:11:35. Photo by Mark Shelton

July / August 1999

Carl Andersen looking strong and relaxed at mile 48 of the What, Mi-wok? 100 Km. Photo by Rick Cobb

June 1999

Scott Jurek was all business as he set a course record at the Bull Run Run 50 Mile. Photo by Jeanne Christie

May 1999

Ian Torrence approaches the finish line at the Catalina Island 100 Km. Photo by Bill Dickey

April 1999

Rob Youngren negotiates one of the small stream crossings at the Mountain Mist 50 Km in Huntsville, Alabama. Photo by Dink Taylor

March 1999

Corinne Favre powered her way to fifth place overall, and first woman, at the Sunmart 50 Mile. Photo by World of Color

January / February 1999

The only runner to break four hours in the Quad Dipsea, Carl Andersen on his way to doing it for the second time. Photo by Rick Cobb.