December 2004

Dink Taylor finished in eighth place at his eleventh Mountain Masochist 50 Mile. Photo by Andrew Wilds Photography

November 2004

Rio Del Lago 100 Mile women's winner Kathy D'Onofrio, with pacer Bill Finkbeiner. Photo by Joe McCladdie

October 2004

Kim Holak crossing Mission Creek at the Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile. Photo by Sue Morgan.

September 2004

Winner Paul Sweeney arrives at the finish line of the Hardrock Hundred to the cheers of the crowd. Photo by Silverton Standard and The Miner

June 2004

Mark Werner at the AUA 100 Km. Photo by Peggy Morsch

May 2004

Paul Dewitt Descends Gatherers Canyon at The Moab 50 Km." Photo by Jeff Heasley.

April 2004

Annette Bednosky, first woman in the Mount Mitchell 40 Mile.

March 2004
January / February 2004

Ben Nephew en route to a course record in the Nifty 50 Km. Photo by Jim Garcia