December 2006

Rajeev Patel and Carmela Layson at the Rio Del Lago 100 Mile. Photo: Don Lundell.

November 2006

Marcia Glass, during an end-to-end trek of the 211-mile John Muir Trail. Photo: Steve Glass

October 2006

Michelle Barton at Bulldog 50 Km. Photo: Byron Moore.

September 2006

Alisa Farrington, third-place finisher at Desert R.A.T.S.

July / August 2006

Winner Sim Jae Duk set a sizzling course record of 17:40:45 at the Massanutten 100 Mile. Photo: Aaron Schwartzbard

June 2006

Georgia Gibbon and Andy Black enjoying the trail at the Stevens Creek 50 Km

May 2006

Thomas Okazaki at the Grasslands 50 Mile in Texas. Photo: Lynn Ballard

April 2006

HURT 100 Mile Winner Karl Meltzer. Inset: Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile winner Jorge Pacheco

March 2006

Huff 50 Km. Photo: Andrew Hancock.

January / February 2006

Start of the JFK 50 Mile. Photo: Geoffrey S. Baker