December 2007

Akos Konya, running under the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, wins the 12-hour race at the San Francisco One Day. Photo: Don Charles Lundell

November 2007

Darla Brader crossing the creek at the Cle Elum 50 km. Photo: Glenn Tachiyama

September 2007

Scott Jurek cresting Handies peak during the Hardrock 100. Photo: Luis Escobar

July / August 2007

Susan Donnelly at the Massanutten 100 Mile. Photo: Aaron Schwartzbard

June 2007

Erik Skaden won the American River 50 Mile. Photo: Joe McCladdie.

May 2007

Runners Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab, and Kevin Lin (left to right) cross a low mountain ridge in Russo, Mauritania, during their Sahara Desert crossing. Photo: Don Holtz

April 2007

Coastal Challenge 2007. Photo: Tim Holmstrom, The Coastal Challenge, LLC.

January / February 2007

Gillian Robinson, enjoying the Mother Road 100 Mile. Photo: Don Lundell