December 2009

Ultrarunner in the mist, at Oil Creek Trail Runs. Photo: Jeremy Lock

November 2009

Ronda Sundermeier descends from Thorpe Mountain at the Cascade Crest Classic 100. Photo: Glenn Tachiyama

October 2009

Duncan Callahan runs into the night at the Leadville 100. Photo: Rob O'Dea Photography

September 2009

Karl Meltzer appears to walk on water as he crosses Cunningham Creek at the Hardrock 100. Photo: Eric Lee

August 2009

Volunteer Mike Savage cools off Karl Hoagland at the Devil's Thumb aid station at the Western States 100. Photo: Lisa Henson

July 2009

Runner Craig Heinselman caught his breath, and this photo, at the Ohlone 50K in Northern California (look for report and results in our August issue).

May / June 2009

Tom Harper, with abundant wildflowers and Lake Sonoma in the background.

April 2009

Dorothy Hunter, Greg Zaruba, David Emch and Joseph Shearer heading down to a creek crossing at Holiday Lake.

March 2009

Kami Semick on her way to winning the 2008 Miwok 100k.

January / February 2009

Eric Clifton front and center, with the JFK 50 field streaming out behind. Photo: Geoffrey Baker