December 2014

A glorious fall day on the trails at the 10th anniversary of Blues Cruise 50K in Pennsylvania. Photo Jim Blandford

November 2014

Nikki Kimball flying down rugged single-track en route to a win at Run Rabbit Run 100, where she took home a $13,000 prize purse. Full Run Rabbit Run coverage will be in the December issue. Photo: Paul Nelson

October 2014

Zach Bitter steaming down the trail to take the win at Psycho Psummer in Kansas. Photo: Kristi Mayo/Mile 90 Photography

September 2014

Hardrock 100 winner, Kilian Jornet, and pacer, Rickey Gates, climb up from Grouse Gulch toward American Basin and Handies Peak. Photo: Matt Trappe

August 2014

Rob Krar Gazing the Finish Line 22 Miles Away. Photo: Luis Escobar

July 2014

Emily Harrison crushes the course record at Lake Sonoma 50. Photo: John Medinger

May / June 2014

Lisa Henson and Diane Wilson head north toward a plethora of mesas, buttes and spires on the "Windows Loop" of the Monument Valley 50. Photo: Jack Jewell

April 2014

Jodee Adams-Moore floating to a win in Moab. Photo Ed Hirsch/Myke Hermsmeyer

March 2014

Gary Robbins getting some extra elevation at HURT 100. Photo: Angel King/Angel King Productions

January / February 2014

Rob Krar, Men's Ultrarunner Of The Year, at The North Face championships in Marin County. Photo: Brad Clayton