December 2015

Scott Breeden clawing his way to the top of a gnarly climb named Rat Jaw at the Barkley Fall Classic 50k in Tennessee. Breeden went on to win the race and set a new course record. Photo: Brandon Yonke

November 2015

Runners enter the Trout Creek aid station (mile 79) at Silverheels 100 in Fairplay, Colorado, as a meteor shower dazzles overhead. Photo: Jeff Genova

October 2015

Ashley Erba cruising to a win on a very challenging course at Power of Four 50K in Aspen, CO. Check out our Q&A with Ashley on page 27. Photo: Ian Sharman

September 2015

Adam Campbell (foreground) and Kilian Jornet share some early miles together at Hardrock 100. Adam would go on to finish third for the second year in a row and Kilian impressed everyone with another win and course record. Photo: Alexis Berg/Grand Trail

August 2015

Oldest and youngest female finishers Gunhild Swanson and Katie Trent basking in the glory and adoration that greeted them at the finish line of Western States 100. Photo: Ted Knudsen, Courtesy of Western States 100

July 2015

Stephanie Howe runs a speedy and impressive race to set a new Lake Sonoma women’s course record. Photo: Bob MacGillivray

May / June 2015

Antelope Canyon runners float above the course while taking in the stunning beauty of the canyons. Photo: Jack Jewell

April 2015

Dylan Bowman, with Jorge Maravilla on his hip, blazing the trail at Terawera 100k where the two Mill Valley, CA residents dominated the race and finished first and second, respectively. Photo: Lyndon Marceau

March 2015

A fiery sunset erupts in front of Heartland veteran Elden Galano. Photo: Rick Kent/Mile 90 Photography

January / February 2015

Ultrarunner of the Year Ellie Greenwood celebrating her massive win at Comrades last June.Photo: MMPhotoSA Marius Bezuidenhout