2020 Western States Contest

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UltraRunning Magazine provides comprehensive coverage of the sport, while supporting and helping our readers achieve their own goals and dreams. We want to encourage the growth of ultrarunning while ensuring that its unique culture of collective effort endures. UltraRunning celebrates the great achievements and life-changing experiences that are made possible by the extraordinary human effort required to train for and complete an ultramarathon. We want to hear your story.

UltraRunning Magazine’s sponsor entry spot in the 47th running of the Western States Endurance Run in June 2020 will be awarded to a reader based on written responses to the following question:

How has an article in UltraRunning Magazine inspired you to contribute to the sport and/or achieve your goals?

How it Works:

Through November 24th, 2019, contestants will submit their answers in 250 words or less. UR staff will review all entries. The criteria will be based on the most compelling entries, with an emphasis on overcoming challenges, fostering the culture of the sport and personal transformations. Other considerations, but not requirements: the contestant’s willingness to share their story with UR’s audience. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 29th, 2019.

Official Rules

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