December 2014


On Change

Other than death and taxes, change is one of life’s big, dark inevitabilities. But unlike the other two, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, even though it is almost always hard at first, it’s something we are bes...

News and Notes

UTWT SERIES WINNERS In its inaugural year the international race se-ries Ultra Trail World Tour crowned its cham-pions at the 107-mile and over 30,000 feet of ascent Diagonale Des Fous on October 23. Fran-cois D’Haene o...

Should I Have a Pacer?

Dear Ann, I have an ultra coming up and am thinking of having a pacer. I’ve never run with one before so I’m worried I won’t know how to use them. What should I do?   —Aaron Dear Aaron,  Your pacer is much more than...

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Race Reports

A glorious fall day on the trails at the 10th anniversary of Blues Cruise 50K in Pennsylvania. Photo Jim Blandford