May/June 2018

Max King seemingly walking on water near mile 20 of Way Too Cool, as he hunts down the two runners ahead of him en route to the win. Photo: Joe McCladdie

April 2018

Darcy Piceu charging down the trail to the women’s victory at HURT 100. Photo: Howie Stern

March 2018

Men’s winner Karl Meltzer cruising the trails at Pinhoti 100 in northeast Alabama. It was Meltzer’s 39th win at the distance and 17th straight year of at least one win – both records for the sport. Photo: Gregg Gelmis/We Run Race Photos

February 2018

Camille Herron moving fast at Desert Solstice, while setting the World Record for 12 hours and an American Record for both the 100k and the 50-mile distance. Photo: Howie Stern