Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

Sarah Kemp navigates the boreal roots at Superior Fall Trail Races in Minnesota. Photo: Zach Pierce

November 2017

Kunlong Cousin, last across the finish line in 35:34, embraces his son at the inaugural High Lonesome 100 in Colorado. Photo: Rick Mayo/Mile 90 Photography.

October 2017

Israel Ramirez, Roger Pynappel and their pacers ascend Marlette Peak under the light of a fiery sunset during the Tahoe Rim Trail. Photo: Scott Rokis

September 2017

Joe Grant climbing up Green Mountain out of Cunningham Gulch on his way to a third place finish at Hardrock 100. Photo: Criss Furman

August 2017

A triumphant and jubilant Cat Bradley breaks the tape at Western States. Photo: Melissa Ruse/Sweet M Images.

July 2017

Yitka Winn shows some excitement at Elowah Falls around mile 49 in the Gorge Waterfalls 100K. Photo: Glenn Tachiyama

May / June 2017

Greg Gray, Heather Rickerl and Michelle Pope feeling fresh during the first sunrise at the Hawk Hundred. Gray and Rickerl went on to finish the Kansas Ultra Slam, four Kansas 100-milers in one year. Check out Rickerl’s experience and learn more about the Kansas Ultra Slam at Photo: Rick Mayo/Mile 90 Photography

April 2017

Dorian Momsen is small among her surroundings but large in running ability as she runs in her first 100k race and wins at Ordnance 100K. Photo: Let’s Wander Photography

March 2017

Pete Kostelnick dodging obstacles in New York City as he raced the final few miles of his FKT across the US. He averaged over 72 miles per day for just over 42 days straight. Photo: Zandy Mangold

January/February 2017

The ever-floating Jim Walmsley takes a moment to smile as he approaches the tape at the JFK 50-miler on November 19. Walmsley broke Max King’s course record by 13 minutes in the oldest ultra in North America. Photo: Geoff Baker.