January / February 1986


Is Ultrarunning a Marketable Sport

I'm not a writer, I'm really not. But I'm going to give it a try. What caused this sudden, impulsive desire was my many ultrafriends' opinions about what our "sport" is, or was, or should be, or can be. A...

Pacing at Western States - Not Quite What I Had Envisioned by Nick Kraynik (as told to John Vonhof)

July 6, 1985. After long months of waiting and training I'm on my way to the Western States 100....as a "pacer." Arriving in Foresthill after a long drive I find people all over, very excited. Helpful people told...

Race Results

Women's winner Abbie Rockwell coming down out of the mountains at Southern California's San Juan Trail 50 Mile. (Photo: Joan Hutchinson)