May 1993


Personality Profiles of Faster and Slower Ultrarunners

Allow me to share with all of you some interesting (though not world-changing, by any means) information, which might be of some interest to ultrarunners. I have recently completed my dissertation, part of which focused...

A Training Program That Worked!

Australia’s Don "Wallace won the Australasian 100 Km Championship on December 28 in a world-class time of 6:39:26. He writes about his training leading up to the race: My training for the Australasian 100 Km Champ...

Race Results

Michael Danese of Cupertino, California, plows through a stream at the Cool Canyon Crawl 50 Km; Danese ended up 38th out of 309 finishers. Photo: Teri HendersonIPhotogenix