October 1990


The Quest For A DNF Grand Slam Ends At Vermont

There’s a lot to be said for finishing a race with the back of the pack — especially if it's a tough 100-mile through the mountains. Never mind those fleet-footed sprinters striving for first place and record-setting...

Running The Golden Circle: Ten Marathons in Ten Days

Supermarathons are a recent phenomenon. They are multi-day stage runs of 25 to 50 miles each day. They have taken place during the past few years in Siberia, France, Morocco and the Sahara Desert. There are often cultura...

Three Days of Hurling on the Island of Oahu

Makaha, Yokohama, Waimea, Banzai, Sunset. Evocative names. The fabled beaches of Oahu's west and north shores. Fragrance of coconut-laced suntan oil, sound of lire Beach Boys, bikinis, and youthful smiles all around....

Race Reports

Race Results

Matt Carpenter made a weekend of it at Pikes Peak — shown here winning the ascent on Saturday, then on Sunday he was sixth in the round trip. (Photo: Nancy Hobbs)