July 2013


Running Downhill

Hills and ultrarunning go together like peanut butter and jelly, shoes and shoelaces, sweat and tears. Many ultras feature jagged elevation profiles. For these races, running downhill well needs to be part of your arsena...

Fiber: Friend And Foe To The Ultrarunner

When fiber is mentioned in conversation, there is usually a pause - then everyone has an opinion. We know that fiber is healthy; after all, fiber decreases transit time through the gut. And we know it can cause ultrarunn...


“When good things end...” rattled around in my head as I started up the last bit of climb to the trailhead. I thought about delaying the end, but the sun was just about to touch the water when 1 left the bluf...

Feature Races

Race Reports

Darcy Africa, cruising through Pirates Cove, puts another flower in her cap with a win at the shortened Miwok 100K